Quality Setup

The quality of the Temperature and Pressure Gauges manufactured at Goa Thermostatic Instruments Pvt Ltd, has been given utmost importance. Materials procured at Goa Themostatic Instruments Pvt Ltd are traceable till the finished temperature and pressure gauge. Strict control with zero tolerance maintained in terms of traceability. The materials are subjected positive material identification on receipt, after assembly and prior to dispatch with records for the same maintained at all levels. Pictures of the same captured and stored for reference.


Sr Parameter Checked Details of Equipment Make


01 Dimensional check Vernier callipers, 4”/6” Mitutoyo, Japan
    Engineering scale Kristeel, Gold star,Mumbai
Vernier Height gauge Kristeel, Mumbai
Set of plug and ring gauges
( ½&rdquoNPT/BSP to 1&rdquo NPT)
Baker Gauges India Pvt Ltd., Pune
Comparison surface finish tester Rubert & Co. Ltd., England
Salt bath upto 500°C R K Furnace, Mumbai
2.2 Standard sensor for Calibration * Pt 100 RTD, Class A accuracy
(upto 500°C)
Pyro Electric Instruments Goa Pvt Ltd, Goa
Pt 100 RTD, Class A accuracy
Pyro Electric Instruments Goa Pvt Ltd, Goa
2.3 Instrument to measure output from standard 6½ digit multimeter Hewlett Packard, Bangalore
3 Hydro test for t/wells Hydro test pump & Gadget (upto 1200 bar) Maximator, Germany
4 Weld joint integrity DP test kit Megnaflux Telangana or Equivalent


1.1 Calibration equipment for Pressure gauges

Comparison test pumps
(Vacuum to 700 bar)

Yantrika, New Delhi
1.2 Secondary standard for calibration check for Capsule/Diaphragm gauges Manometers of various ranges Fitzer Instruments
1.3 Secondary standard for calibration of Bourdon gauges

Master gauges, 0.25% accuracy
(Vacuum to 250 bar)

Nuova Fima, Italy
1.4 Primary standard for  calibration Dead weight tester, 0.015% accuracy, 1200 bar Budenberg, UK
1.5 Secondary standard for calibration of Bourdon gauges -Digital pressure gauges Master gauges,±0.1% accuracy
(7bar, 35bar,140bar & 700bar)
Crystal Engineer Corporation, USA
2 Endurance testing & Pressure cycling of bourdons Pressure cycling system PUSH Industries, Pune & Maximator, Mumbai


1.1 Metallurgical Analysis of Ferrous based alloy steels Spectrometer M/s. WAS, Germany
1.2 Check of Tensile and Elongation of Rods and pipes

FIE Universal Testing M/C
Model UTN 20 (20 Tons)

M/s. FIE through M/s. Blue Star Ltd
1.3 Hardness Testing Portable hardness tester,
Model DHT-6
M/s Fasne Test Equipment (Pvt) Ltd., Miraj
1.4 M/s Fasne Test Equipment (Pvt) Ltd. Miraj

Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

M/s. Modosonic Instruments Mfg.Co.(P) Ltd, Ahmadabad


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