Manufacturing Setup

The plant is located at Industrial Estate of GDDIDC at Bicholim, on Plot No. D3/15.

The plant has been designed to manufacture following products:

  • Bi-Metal & Filled system Temperature gauges
  • Bourdon, Diaphragm and Capsule sensing Pressure gauges
  • Thermowells


Sr Manufacturing Equipments Supplier
01 Fully geared Center Lathe, Panther Brand, Model 1350/2 Machinery & Spares, Mumbai
02 Precision Drilling Machine, 25mm, Siddhipura Make Machinery & Spares, Mumbai
03 Bench Grinder, SECO make, 2800 rpm Mumbai Machinery & Spares, Mumbai
04 Double ended Bench Polisher, SECO make, 2800 rpm Machinery & Spares, Mumbai
05 Abrasive Belt Grinder, Sahyog Make, Model BUG-31 Machinery & Spares, Mumbai
06 Hydraulic Power Hacksaw Machine, Omega Make Machinery & Spares, Mumbai
07 Pulse TIG Welding Machine, 300Amps, ESAB Make ESAB(I) Ltd, Mumbai.
08 Oxy Acetylene Gas welding set Arc Brazer, Mumbai
09 Spot welding machine M J Spot welder, Mumbai
10 Air Compressor with receiver, Type 30, 2 stage Ingersoll Rand(I) Ltd.
11 Vacuum Pumps, Models SV-12, SV-13 Std Vac. Industries, Mumbai
12 Hydro Test pump upto 600 kg/cm2, Monex make C Bole & CO Mumbai
13 Hydro test gadget In- House
14 Dial Plotter and associated software Bright Star Electronics, Pune
15 Center lathe, Anil Make no 4 Machinery and Spares, Mumbai
16 Pulse TIG Welding Machine, 300Amps MEMCO (I) Ltd, Mumbai
17 Pillar drilling machine Machinery and Spares, Mumbai
18 Pressure cycling machine Bright Star Electronics, Pune
19 ACE CNC machine Model Vantage – 800 ACE Designers Limited
20 Gun drilling Machine Laxmi Enterprise
21 PROPEN Marking Machine Sree Engineers
22 ACE CNC Lathe Model SJ 500 XL ACE Designers Limited
23 Shayog brand cutting Machine (model 10-005) Shayog Industries
24 Model PX20 CNC Vertical Machining Center(VTL) Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd.
  • Experienced design Engineers with strong hold on design of temperature and Pressure gauges.
  • Goa Thermostatic Instruments Pvt Ltd has a very strong team who specialise in metallurgy of special metals and the applications associated with it.
  • Our experts are familiar with all relevant standards like EN-837-1, ASME B40.3, ISO 5167, ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.36, ASME codes for pressure vessels.
  • Familiar with specifications of UOP, EIL, UHDE, PDIL and all leading consultant.
  • Well versed with ASME codes to obtain WPS, PQR.


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